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The Nintendo Switch has certainly solved the problem of cleaning up all the cables and wires that have been lying around, collecting dust through the years. However, they can be easy to lose as you don't always remember where you put them. Perhaps you have a hungry pet at home that finds that long liquorice rod on the floor totally irresistible and something it simply must have.

If you need a new Nintendo Switch charging cable or AC adapters, have a look here below. After you have opened your parcel containing our product, all you have to do is return to your normal usage. If you feel more comfortable sitting with a mouse and keyboard for your Switch, then the Genesis TIN 200 is the adapter for you.
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Hori Nintendo
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Switch LAN Adapter
Switch LAN Adapter
34.89 € (39.89 €)
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Switch AC adapter
Switch AC adapter
32.89 €
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