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Xbox One Accessories

Here at MaxGaming, you will find all the accessories you need to increase your Xbox One, One S and One X gaming experience. Our products include basic hardware required to play games and a wide selection of accessories and peripherals that will deepen and enhance your gaming. You will find everything from game controllers and headsets in various designs to essential components, such as cables, adapters and wall stands.

Xbox One controllers are made in elegant designs that let you play, not just with increased comfort, but with more style. For certain types of games, we have a variety of fight sticks to offer. With an Xbox One fight stick your Xbox One is transformed into an arcade machine, thanks to the large, durable and old school build of the controller. Many veterans in the fighting game community claim that the only real way to play fighting games is with a fight stick and it is still a popular choice in official fighting game tournaments. Those who prefer racing games might equally enjoy an Xbox One racing wheel. Pedals with customizable sensitivity and resistance are a nice addition to the racing wheel. The sturdy and compact build will give you a racing experience as close as you can get to the real thing, without actually being in a car. To maximize the sense of realism, also add a separate gear box.

In order to play online, you need an Xbox One headset. We have headsets that let you communicate with your friends without having to spend a fortune. For gamers who are picky about sound, we have high quality headsets from brands like Trust, PDP and Turtle Beach. All of these three are highly respected in the gaming community and many of the headsets come with a wireless connection. Among the spare ports, we have lots of Xbox One cables and cords like HDMI and Mini USB. We have replacements for worn-down thumbsticks and a lot more.
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FPS Aim Assist For Xbox Series Controllers
FPS Aim Assist For Xbox Series Controllers
8.90 €
In stock
Mobil Gaming Clip for Xbox Gamepad
Mobil Gaming Clip for Xbox Gamepad
14.99 €
Out of stock
ChargePlay Duo Charger for Xbox
ChargePlay Duo Charger for Xbox
32.89 €
Out of stock