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20 x 55g X-Bar Salted Caramel

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20 Pack XG-Bars Salted Caramel!

X-Gamers XG-Bar™ is a brand new bar that caters to us gamers.
For almost 7 years, X-Gamer has been one of the leading companies in the gaming and sports world when it comes to powdered energy drinks.

XG-Bar™ is a luxurious bar with a balanced protein content and low sugar content. Soft protein dough, with several delicious flavors.

You no longer have to choose between getting all the unnecessary sugar from a good bar, or the dry texture from one with good nutritional values. X-Gamer Xbars are a combination of a great taste and good nutritional content. If you want a perfect combination of sweet and salty then Salted Caramel is available to buy. It's sweet to soften you up, but salty to keep you focused during the games.

XG-Bar™ does extra well with a cold mixed X-Gamer energy drink.
X-Gamer before, during and after your game!

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Our article number: 120
Manuf. article number: XG-XBAR-5.0-SCx20


The popular supplement X-Gamer - An advanced and innovative energy & focus drink made in the UK. A perfect supplement for long gaming sessions and hard workouts. Their vision is to improve the player's experience and performance through improved energy, endurance, focus and reflexes.

Find your favourite taste with us, we have a wide range of several good flavors, see all here! We recommend X-Gamer to our customers and partners. A high-quality product for you who like energy & supplements and want to save money and think about the environment by mixing the drink yourself.


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