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Logitech was founded in 1981 in Switzerland and started producing computer mice. At that time, the concept of using a mouse was new. Few could then imagine what Logitech would mean for the development of computer accessories and over the years they have always been at the forefront in terms of innovation. Their range has grown and nowadays they offer much more than just mice. The company has expanded into all types of products that act as a link between you and your gaming console or computer. By this, we mean mice, game controls, keyboards, joysticks, headsets etc.

With Logitech G, they have developed an assortment that is especially aimed at players. The motto reads "Gaming Devices for the Serious Gamer" so the target group also includes the one who wants to be able to challenge at absolute top level in eSports. They have embraced feedback from users all over the world to fine-tune every little detail in the products. Like many other Swiss companies, the quality is extremely high. It turns out in several ways. Logitech's accessories are durable and manufactured from specially developed materials that enable them to handle many years of frequent use. The company also puts great resources on research and development to be able to offer the technology that offers the very best performance.

Here at MaxGaming will find all of Logitech's most popular gaming products. Looking for a gaming mouse, you can pick and choose from the options under the Logitech G brand, including the world-leading G900 Chaos Spectrum, a wireless gaming mouse that targets eSports. It has lots of programmable buttons and the performance is in top precision and reaction time. Logitech also offers wireless game controllers and gaming keyboards. It is often smart to combine their products, because then you get a matching design and equivalent quality on both mouse and keyboard. Last but not least, you can buy Logitech's reliable gaming headset. They provide a sound experience beyond the ordinary and unlike cheaper headsets, they are really durable.
Bluetooth Audio Adapter
Bluetooth Audio Adapter
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