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Since gaming is becoming more and more about milliseconds and hundreds of actions per minute, keyboards are one of the most important tools for a gamer. We at MaxGaming are specialised in everything gaming-related, and our keyboard products are no different. At our store, you can find keyboards and accessories from leading manufacturers utilising the latest technology. The most important choice when picking out your gaming keyboard is whether you want a membrane keyboard or a keyboard with mechanical switches.

The price tags on mechanical keyboards are generally higher, but they also often have a more robust build quality. Membrane keyboards use a plate that stretches over the entire keyboard. In contrast, mechanical keyboards have individual, mechanical switches under each key. How and when the switch should activate under the key depends on the colour of the switch. Mechanical keyboards also have the advantage of a quicker response and no limit on how many keys you can press down at the same time. This is important in games that require quick combinations of several keys. If you require assistance in finding the perfect keyboard for your needs, do not hesitate to contact our support.

In our range of keyboards, you can also find keycap sets, wrist rests, cleaning products and complete packages with a keyboard included. A keycap set is an affordable and flexible way to spice up your keyboard with a different look. Keycap sets are usually made of two different types of plastic: PBT and ABT. PBT plastic is harder and more robust, which gives a certain kind of feeling when gaming or writing. This is very durable and doesn't wear out as quickly. Using a wrist rest is maybe not the first thing a gamer considers when it's time to play. If you game a lot, it is not uncommon for injuries to begin. This can be avoided with a wrist rest, which keeps your wrist and palm in an ergonomically correct position. We at MaxGaming care about our gamer's health and offer an extensive range of wrist rest products.
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