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Clear comms, please! With a good microphone for gaming, communications do not have to suffer, and your team can emerge as the winning one! If you want to create cool YouTube videos or stream, the sound quality of a gaming headset microphone might not live up to the requirements. Therefore, we recommend that you check out a good gaming microphone. A good microphone is shaped and designed to avoid all kinds of disturbances and background noise. It should also function with both stationary and portable computers. In many cases, they come equipped with USB-connections and/or jacks for headsets without software so you easily can connect them to your units.

We at MaxGaming offer microphones from popular manufacturers such as Blue Microphones, Samson, Trust and Twitch and many more. We have microphones with stands that are perfect for YouTube and Twitch, as well as mikes specifically designed for the PS4. You usually do not need to worry about stands or supports for your microphone as they are included in the majority of packages. The stand makes it easy for you to move the microphone around and help you avoid hanging threads or having to hold the microphone in your hand. In the cases where they are not included, we at MaxGaming have separate stands or microphone-arms that you can add. You can also purchase pop filters or covers to avoid noise when you are speaking or singing. Make your voice crystal clear for the next game with a gaming microphone from MaxGaming.
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