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Summer is right around the corner and the weather is inviting us all to days on the beach, back yard parties and socialising with friends and family. Despite good food and fine company, there are few things that liven up the day as much as great music. It can be ungainly to carry around big speakers and boom boxes á la '90s, but with slick and practical speakers from MaxGaming, you can get into the right mood in a flash.

MaxGaming offers a wide and varied range of speakers for mobile phones. Here you will find both discrete models and speakers that are guaranteed to attract attention, not only because of their incredible sound but also their cool design. It doesn't matter if you are looking for a water-proof speaker or a portable one. MaxGaming will make sure you are equipped for everything!

The majority of all speakers can be connected to your phone via Bluetooth. This means that you won't have to put your phone in a certain place, which makes it easier for you to scroll through your favourite songs.

Wireless speakers are without a doubt the most advanced, but of course there are also speakers that you can connect to your phone with a USB-cable. When you shop at MaxGaming you won't just get speakers that will take the party or the beach hang out to the next level, you can also count on getting high-quality sound and a long-lasting product. With MaxGaming's fast deliveries, you will have your speakers in a few days and no installation is necessary to get started.
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LEDWOOD ACCESS10 Small Wireless Speaker IPX5 - White
ACCESS10 Small Wireless Speaker IPX5 - White
39.89 €
In stock
LEDWOOD ACCESS10 Small Wireless Speaker IPX5 - Black
ACCESS10 Small Wireless Speaker IPX5 - Black
39.89 €
In stock