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Hexcore (formerly OBINS) is a brand founded in 2016 by a group of designers and programmers full of dreams, dedicated to become an excellent peripherals company.

In 2016 they released their first peripheral product: Anne Pro Mechanical Keyboard. From that moment on, they have been looking for truly valuable products, striving to achieve a balance between business and product development.

Persist In Change,Make it Different is the first product concept put forward by the team, and innovation is the most essential requirement of their team to every product. They believe: without innovation, there is no power for sustainable development. All of their changes should make the products a little better more or less. It's not just Hexcore, but should all of the brands in the industry, that is constantly innovating and pushing the whole industry forward.

In 2021, they decided that Digital Innovation is a better term to describe their concept. So They renamed the Obins/ObinsLab to Hexcore. They will take digital technology research and development as the core starting point, product innovation as the basic form of expression, and create fresh and interesting products, to bring more new ideas and happiness to users.

As more and more designers and engineers born in the 1990s join Hexcore, their team is getting younger, more professional, and more energetic. They believe that with efforts and persistence, Hexcore will surely bring satisfactory products to users and make a contribution to the progress of the industry.
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