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Having great computer accessories when gaming is essential in order to be as successful as possible when playing games, as it can be a matter of milliseconds. We at MaxGaming try to make sure that we always have the latest and the best on the market in our selection since we know how important it is to find the right gaming mouse, keyboard, headset and mouse pad when you are playing all kinds of games. We understand how important it is to have those extra macro-keys for your keyboard as an MMO-gamer or MOBA-gamer and how crucial a sound-isolating headset and a good computer screen is to get you engrossed in the game. Our selection of carefully picked out products ensures a quality that will satisfy even the choosiest gamer. Why do you, as a gamer, need the latest in computer accessories? The answer is simple - you don't want to fall behind or be ranked last when the game is over, right?

Here at MaxGaming, you will find the widest range of gaming products for computers in Scandinavia. We have products that suit all gaming levels. We have a huge assortment of keyboards, screens, headsets, game controllers, mousepads and much more to discover. Regardless of what you want to use them for, it is always good to have the best products. Our selection of the latest computer accessories meet the requirements of any gamer. If you spend many hours in front of the computer, it is important to have a mouse that fits ergonomically and that you also use some kind of wrist support. If you feel unsure which gaming mouse, mouse pad, keyboard, headset or other product that suit you best, you can always contact our customer support for personal service. We help you find the products that are specifically right for you.
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EnRoute Backpack, 14L, 13
EnRoute Backpack, 14L, 13" - Black
48.89 € (68.89 €)
In stock
Spira Backpack, 15L, 13
Spira Backpack, 15L, 13" - Black
158.90 €
In stock