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When you are in the business of buying a new computer, it is common to overlook the importance of choosing high-quality cables and adapters. It might even be considered unimportant by some, but the fact is that the choice of cables can greatly impact the functionality and performance of the equipment you own. If you have a monitor with a high refresh rate and low response time, you need a cable of the same calibre. You want to make sure that the data cables are not a weak link. For gamers, there is nothing more irritating than different kinds of interruptions and glitches when you play your favourite games. It can ruin the entire experience, no matter how efficient a computer you have in general.

At MaxGaming you can find all sorts of cables and adapters. Everything from monitor cables like HDMI, Displayport, Mini-Displayport and DVI for your computer monitor or TV, to sound cables or network cables like cat6 and cat7. We want you to find cables that match the quality of your equipment, to ensure optimal performance. Depending on what equipment you have and what cables you need, there is a lot to choose from.

We offer only the best, which guarantees good functionality in all cases. Everything from the most basic power cords to a variety of adapters, power strips and cable sorting options like cable ties, cable clips, sleeves, cable ducts and so on. Take care of your cables from the start, and you will have more time to focus on the game.
B1 Mouse Bungee with LED and USB Hub
B1 Mouse Bungee with LED and USB Hub
47.89 €
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