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The Swedish brand Xtrfy specializes in gaming accessories. They are strongly passionate about eSports and want to create the best possible products for all gamers. This means gaming mice with incredible precision, customizable gaming keyboards and the industry's best mouse pads. A major breakthrough came in 2014 when they teamed up with the giants of eSports: Ninjas in Pyjamas (NiP). They are known for having some of the world's best players and they immediately got a key role in designing, testing and providing feedback for Xtrphy's new products. Together, they challenge all the conventional companies in the market in how to really help players perform at their very best. For example, they have developed two own quality brands "Developed by Ninjas in Pyjamas" and "Approved by Ninjas in Pyjamas". The first shows that NiP has been involved in the entire development process for the product and the second brand shows that the product has been carefully tested and approved by NiP.

What distinguishes Xtrfy is their experience and close collaboration with professional players. Some competitors are guessing, while Xtrfy never has to take any chances. They know exactly what the best players are asking for. Thanks to NiP's guidance, they now have a stable set of mice and keyboards that work for players at the very highest level. Given how small margins sometimes decide between the pros, nothing has been left to chance. Every little detail has been refined.

We have a wide range of Xtrfy's most popular gaming accessories. If you are looking for a new gaming keyboard, Xtrfy K2-RGB is a safe choice. It is mechanical with RGB LED lighting and highly customizable. A gaming mouse that fits perfectly on the keyboard is the Xtrfy M1. It is also available in a NiP Edition with their logo. Other options are M2 and M3 Heaton Edition which is the developed legend Emil "HeatoN" Christensen who is actually NiP's founder and one of the best Counterstrike players ever. Their mice are incredibly ergonomic, nicely designed and provide excellent control in every conceivable game situation.
External USB Sound Card for Gaming
External USB Sound Card for Gaming
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