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Our assortment contains keypads in a range of different colours and materials that complement your home decor or general gaming set up. We have keypads from the most prominent manufacturers, such as Ducky, Varmilo and Tai-Hao, and the most popular materials, including PBT, ABS and rubber. They are easy to switch and you do not need to be very dextrous to figure out how to do it.

The positive thing about keycaps is that they can change your whole keyboard. For example, they can give you a good overview of which keys are most used during gaming. Swapping single keys also saves you money, as you give your keyboard a completely new look without replacing your whole keyboard. Besides keys, we also have a range of accessories that can be combined with keypads, such as o-rings, lubricants and upgrading-kits for mechanical keyboards.

We at MaxGaming can also recommend keycap kits that suit mechanical keyboards and come in many different designs and colours. They are also compatible with different switches, such as Cherry, Khalil and Gateron. Most of our keycaps have a Nordic layout, that you probably are used to, but we also have universal keycap sets that suit all kinds of layouts. If you want help choosing the right keycaps for your keyboards, we are all ears at MaxGaming. Let our keycaps express your personality and creative side.
A1 Mechanical Keyboard Enhancement kit
A1 Mechanical Keyboard Enhancement kit
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