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A keyboard isn't just a simple product but usually needs a bunch of accessories to function optimally. By accessories we mean things like keycaps, wrist support, o-rings, keypullers and cleaning products etc. so you can treat your mechanical gaming keyboard as well as it deserves. A high-quality keyboard demands care as it can last an incredibly long time. Also, if you do this, you get the best gaming experiences as its properties can be improved by 100%.

Amongst the accessories that you can find for your keyboard, there are tools for your keycaps since you might want to change them now and again, cables to match the colours of your set-up or keyboard bags for storage etc. Storage bags protect against dust and dirt when you are out travelling or are going to LAN, and there is even room for mobile phones and cables.

If you have invested in an expensive keyboard, we at MaxGaming know how important it is that it gets the attendance it needs. In time it might be fun to change your keyboard by switching the keycaps or the wrist support. If you have a mechanical keyboard, this is very possible and gives a personal touch to your product. Our accessories are not just there to prolong the keyboard's lifespan but also to add a little extra value and an individual style.

Make your keyboard as good as new and let our accessories make your everyday life as a gamer easier so you can enjoy your gaming session fully and be able to use your product for longer, also, without having to worry about tangled cables or dirty caps. If there is anything you are wondering about our knowledgable support is accessible to answer any questions about exactly what your keyboard needs.
A1 Mechanical Keyboard Enhancement kit
A1 Mechanical Keyboard Enhancement kit
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