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Upgrade your gaming space or working station by purchasing a USB Hub. There is a lot of truth in the saying that you can never have too much gear, and you can never have one USB Hub too many. As the laptops of today are getting smaller and smaller, the number of USB ports are rapidly decreasing. Without too much expense, a USB Hub can be worth its weight in gold as you may need to connect several units into your Hub. Whether it's a memory card reader, a mouse, a keyboard or a headset. We have many different kinds of USB Hubs that can be connected via USB or USB-C from various brands, such as Natec and Deltaco Trust. Make things easier for yourself at home by purchasing a USB Hub. We advise everyone to get a USB 3.0 Hub for faster transmissions. There are also cheaper alternatives available with 2.0.
B1 Mouse Bungee with LED and USB Hub
B1 Mouse Bungee with LED and USB Hub
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