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Zowie by BenQ is a manufacturer of computer equipment whose goal is to meet the high quality requirements set by professional eSports practitioners. They are currently used by teams such as EnVyUs and many more. That the brand is so popular among professional players says something about the quality. Zowie was previously an independent manufacturer of computer equipment but was acquired by BenQ in 2015. It was a merger of two market-leading manufacturers that allowed the two manufacturers to complement each other's strengths.

Zowie by BenQ has in a short time become known not least for being behind some of the best and most responsive mice. Many of them use the Avago 3310 sensor, which has become one of the most appreciated thanks to its reliable tracking. But they have a product line that includes most of the peripherals that every player with professional ambitions requires. The range therefore includes everything from computer screens, mouse pads, mechanical keyboards and sound systems such as Zowie Vital. The latter system allows the player to have their headset connected at the same time as the speakers and has ambitious controls for adjusting treble, midrange and bass. All functionality is accessible via a touch control that is flashy at the same time as it is functional.

The fact that we have a manufacturer here that succeeds in developing products that are attractive both in that they have style while being functional are just some of the reasons why you can find a wide selection of products from Zowie by BenQ at MaxGaming. Most of Zowie's range consists of premium products, but here you will find a large, affordable selection of mice, mousepads and screens as well as a set of miscellaneous products. Play in style by sprucing up your WASD kit with a set of brilliant buttons for LED keyboards. Or look through the range of Zowie's world-leading ergonomic mice which include those from the EC2 series, where the two most popular are the Zowie EC2-A and the Zowie EC1-A, which are known as some of the best gaming mice at the moment.
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