Flashe Sleeve Plain White

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  • Flashe Sleeve Plain White
  • Flashe Sleeve Plain White
  • Flashe Sleeve Plain White
  • Flashe Sleeve Plain White
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- Improved blood circulation.
- Polyester fiber - the superior fiber when it comes to compression.
- Reduced muscle stress.
- Faster recovery.
- Better breathability.
- Ability to regulate moisture.
- Sweat wicking capabilities.
- Extra comfort.

Compression sleeves have been used for a long time in many sports. The reason for this is that studies show that compression sleeves help with blood circulation, body temperature, reduced muscle stress and faster recovery. Better blood circulation and body temperature means that you can perform at your peak more frequently, and for longer periods of time; and reduced muscle stress and faster recovery means that you can have a long and healthy gaming career.

A Key Component to Esports
Flashe Gaming Group have developed Gaming Sleeves to improve longevity in gaming, and to increase performance. With all the benefits that the Flashe Gaming Sleeve provides, Flashe Gaming Group believe that the gaming sleeve will be a key component to Esports and the every day gamer.

Improved Compression
The Design Gaming Sleeve is made of polyester, which is the superior fiber when it comes to compression in general. The extra benefits of this fiber includes; better breathability, ability to regulate moisture, sweat wicking capabilities and extra comfort.

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