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Funko is a company that mainly specializes in moving characters, whose characters are depicted from the game world. Funko was founded in 1998 by American Mike Becker, but thus in 2005 sold to Brian Mariotti, who since then has created a large number of game characters for the gaming industry. The little characters that usually carry the name Funko Pop followed by their names adorn many players' game tables as a figurehead or toy. Funko Pop is available as Funko Pop Disney or Funko Pop Star Wars and others and are made of vinyl.

Bobbleheads in long lines
The many existing game series have become the basis for Funko's business concept and regardless of which figure you like or which game you are a faithful fan of, Funko always has something that falls one in the taste. In English, these funny vinyl guys are called "bobbleheads" and are thus depicted caricatures of famous series or characters in films. They are about 18 cm tall and have moving large, heads - something that is appreciated even more by the popular culture's collectors. At Funko you can find all the great characters from eg. Star Wars in the form of Darth Vader, Yoda and Neo and from Trollhunters you will find typical characters such as Blinkous and Bular etc. Add a series of series and games and you can get a complete collection of fun characters that guard your gaming sessions. Funko also produces certain types of clothing, US memories and headphones etc. which can be good to have when playing.

Buy your game characters on
At you can find a large selection of Funko Pop vinyl figures. Funko's Kingdom Hearts, Star Wars or Overwatch are just a few examples of what you have to expect. Give away one of our characters to a friend who loves gaming or to a collector's companion who will thank you in time and eternity. For who knows, maybe the little guys for more luck than you thought! Whether you're a fan of a particular cult movie or have a particular game in mind, you'll surely find what you're looking for in one of Funko's characters.
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Funko Advent Calendar: Disney Holiday 24-piece
Advent Calendar: Disney Holiday 24-piece
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Funko Advent Calendar: Star Wars Holiday 24-piece
Advent Calendar: Star Wars Holiday 24-piece
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Funko Advent Calendar: Harry Potter 24-piece
Advent Calendar: Harry Potter 24-piece
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