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Video and computer games, as well as comics, have become a big part of everyday life. With that said, it has also become more common and very popular for people to use their favourite characters when designing their rooms or homes. Collectable figures of different kinds have long been a way for comic lovers and gaming fans and nerds to put a whole new edge to their existence

We at MaxGaming truly love collectable figures of all kinds. The figures are incredibly well made and fit perfectly into any imaginable space. To have these figures from games next to your computer can be a way to get into the right mood, and you are almost certain to win the gaming session with great bravura. Of course, you can also choose to keep collectable figures next to your bed, on the window sill or as a fun design item on your TV desk. Wherever you put your figures, you can be sure that they will attract a lot of attention.

Funko POP! and Nintendo amiibo figures are leaders in Max Gaming's range of cool collectable figures. Here, you will find characters from World of Warcraft, League of Legends, Kingdom Hearts, Overwatch, Star Wars and many more. The sizes and prices of these figures vary depending on their character. Collectable figures are not only excellent to purchase for yourself or your home, but they are also great gifts for someone you like. If you place an order before 5 pm, you can count on getting it delivered within 1-2 working days. With that said, you can start decorating your home or the space around your computer within 48 hours.
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Glorious Panda Toy
Panda Toy
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