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South Korean Samsung is a global electronics company that at present is perhaps best known for its mobile phones. But they have long been 
established as one of
the leading manufacturers of consumer electronics. However, it was with the Galaxy series of smartphones that they
introduced a product that has seriously
come to compete with iPhones in terms of both sales figures and innovations. As one of the world's largest
electronics companies, however, they have many strings
on their lyre and manufacture everything from dishwashers to TVs and much more.
Samsung's goal is to inspire and innovate and thus make life easier for people.

For gamers, the brand is perhaps primarily about monitors and that they have been the official partner of a number of major eSports tournaments and gaming fairs
around the world. It was during Gamescom 2017 in Cologne, for example, that Samsung launched the world's largest QLED monitor optimized for gaming experiences.
With its 49 inches, their CHG90 delivers an almost cinematic experience. Screens from Samsung manage to be fast and distinct in a way that allows you
to react reflexively to what is happening while being reliable and performing well at high resolutions. Without being a brand that is in the center of the gaming
world's attention, they are still considered one of the best manufacturers of monitors by large numbers of players.

At MaxGaming, we strive to constantly keep our range of Samsung products up to date with the very latest. Our range includes, for example, affordable and
good headphones, USB chargers and USB cables. Charging the batteries in your mobile phone can never go too fast. Among the chargers are Samsung's
quick chargers that allow you to charge both mobile phones and tablets in a fraction of the time it takes with a normal charger. The headphones are available in
different variants, including Samsung In-Ear headphones for hassle-free wireless musical experiences.
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Silver
Galaxy Buds Pro Silver
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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ White
Galaxy Buds+ White
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Violet
Galaxy Buds Pro Violet
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Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro Black
Galaxy Buds Pro Black
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Samsung Galaxy Buds+ Black
Galaxy Buds+ Black
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