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At MaxGaming, we offer you a wide range of fans that help you create a cool and pleasant environment in your gaming room. Here you'll find several nicely designed floor fans and table fans. We offer everything from big and powerful floor fans to small and convenient USB fans, which are very affordable and perfect for bringing along when playing at a friend's house or when at a LAN event. Even ordinary table fans are handy and can be placed wherever you desire, for example on a shelf next to the desk or installed on the wall to free some space.

You'll find several different fans in our range which can be adapted to ventilate where needed. We have oscillating fan heads, fans that can be tilted and possible to raise and lower, and the possibility to adjust the speed. When playing for a long time, fan noise could be annoying if too loud. Here you'll find powerful and effective fans which at the same time are quiet, letting you focus on your game.
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Deltaco Deltaco Smart Home
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Deltaco USB Table Fan 18cm
USB Table Fan 18cm
18.39 €
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Deltaco Smart Home Smart Tower Fan
Deltaco Smart Home
Smart Tower Fan
137.90 €
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