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Payment Methods

Our Payment Methods

In partnership with Klarna, we offer payments by invoice, part payment, credit card, and direct debit.

Klarna Checkout

MaxGaming uses Klarna Checkout for private customers. A credit report is never usually requested by Klarna Checkout but can be required depending on your payment option. Credit reports ordered by Klarna do not affect your credit rating and are not visible on future credit reports. When Klarna Checkout has confirmed your identity, you can choose between the payment options that are available to you. Our default payment method is by invoice, but you can choose between other options, i.e., direct debit or credit card. For more information about your payment through Klarna, please contact

Paypal Checkout

We also offer the most popular payment option, Paypal, which private customers can use.

Pay With Gift Cards

When you reach the checkout, you can pay with a gift card. Enter your gift card number in the box under the total price sum at the checkout. You do not need to be logged in to use your gift card. If the amount on the gift card does not fully cover the purchase, you can pay the remaining amount via invoice, direct debit, or credit card. If money is left on the gift card after the purchase, you can use the remaining amount on your next purchase.

Reverse VAT Charge

If you are a company within the EU with a VAT registration number, we can't offer you to buy goods without VAT. When you purchase goods from suppliers in other EU countries, the reverse charge moves the responsibility for the recording of a VAT transaction from the seller to the buyer for that good. We can't handle this automatically in our eCommerce platform or payment gateway. We are working on a solution for the future.