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Mobile AccessoriesHeadsets for mobile from Plantronics

Let loose during exercise Do not let cords hinder you. Unleash your workout with true wireless earphones designed to give you a free and reliable listening experience both in the gym and outside. Do you want one of the ears free? Use the left or right earpiece, or both.

Let yourself be completely imprisoned
When you need a little extra motivation, 13.5mm elements, a soundproofed design and three EQ presets - base gain, balanced position and sharpness - help deliver a deep and full sound so you get that extra power you need

Comfortable and stable fit
Experience true wireless freedom without changing the fit. With soft, flexible ear straps with a secure fit and comfortable stability, the BackBeat FIT 3150 earpieces remain under even the toughest workouts.

Weatherproof workout
They are IP57 rated, sweat-resistant and waterproof and the durable design never fails, even in extreme weather conditions.

Hear what's important
When you want to feel the surroundings more, you can adjust the Sound Mix and Awareness modes to create a personal mix of entertainment and environment. So talk to your gym partner while listening to your playlist or stay in touch with the outside world while you're out and about.

Up to 24 hours of battery life
Get up to 8 hours of battery life on a single charge, as well as a soft-shell charging case that you can store in your earbuds for up to 16 hours of extra listening time between charges. And if there is a crisis, a quick charge of 15 minutes up to 1.5 hours of battery life.

Exercise without interruption
Play, pause, skip tracks, answer and end calls, adjust the volume, and activate your smartphone's virtual assistant with a simple press or swipe of the earbud buttons.

Customize your experience
Now you don't have to stop to change things. The My Tap feature, available through the BackBeat app, provides command customization for a personal listening experience. With one or two presses and without interruption in the activity, you can start a stopwatch, set a timer or select your favorite playlist directly from your headphones.

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Superb sound from Plantronics - When Neil Armstrong became the first man to go to the moon, he actually said his famous words in a headset from Plantronics. 
Now over 50 years later, they still focus on sound and communication as much as possible, resulting in outstanding products to superb quality.

With their focus on sound and communication only, they have a range of different headsets and headphones for all kinds of occasions.
Whether you need new headphones for your mobile to play or a headset with active noise reduction for traveling feet, you will find it in Poly's range.



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