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MaxMount Spray Screen Cleaner - 2in1 Portable Screen Cleaning


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Experience the most simple and convenient cleaning solution ever. Our 2-in-1 spray and wipe cleaning unit is not only practical on the desk, it's also discreet in its design. This bottle is not just a regular spray bottle, it also has a built-in cleaning cloth. With a simple spray and wipe, you can easily and conveniently remove fingerprints and dust. Its smart design makes it easy to change the cleaning liquid, with a capacity of 10 ml. Fill it with different cleaning agents or alcohol as needed. Perfect for cleaning your mobile or computer screen with ease.

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Robust products from MaxMount - The brand was founded in 2019 in Stockholm. The aim was to produce affordable and stylish products for gaming and the office. Today, MaxMount sells everything from for computer monitors, TV stands, and much more.

Få a more stylish gaming and workstation with innovative products that manage everything from screens, headsets and cables. All MaxMount products are carefully selected and we highly recommend investing in a MaxMount stand and products. Take control of your films and position them in a smarter way.



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