Fifine SC6 Sound Card Mixer - Streaming Audio Console Mixer -


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Fifine SC6 Sound Card Mixer - Streaming Audio Console Mixer


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PC PeripheralsStreaming & RecordingMixers from Fifine

The Fifine SC6 Wireless Sound Mixer is the perfect choice for professionals looking for a versatile mixing desk for streaming and podcasting. Switch between 12 electronic scales, making your sound sound crisp and clear. It also has various voice switching effects, allowing you to switch between male voices, female voices, child voices, MCs and more whenever you want. In addition, the 15 fun atmospheric sound effects give you more control over your live broadcast to create a more dynamic atmosphere.
This unit provides a user-friendly experience with its independent tone control that allows you to freely adjust your settings according to your own individual needs. In addition, its sensitive silicone buttons are easily pressed and provide colorful lights for visual reference - making it an aesthetic pleasure as well as an audible pleasure. And finally, the built-in lithium battery and wireless Bluetooth connectivity make it easy to put on a great show wherever you are!

Make your streaming or podcast production more fun and better with this mixer from Fifine. With the Fifine SC6 audio mixer, you can entertain your viewers or listeners in a more personal way.

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Fifine A premium brand for sound and microphone technology that was established in 2009. Fifine is a young company that within a decade has grown rapidly from being a small company to becoming globally oriented.

The company offers a wide range of microphones. Quality and customer satisfaction are at the forefront. Lasting commitment to improve the range and be a leader in quality standards. Whether you are a gamer, streamer, lecturer, DJ or musician, you can always count on Fifine focusing on your equipment while concentrating on performing your work.



Colour Black


Warranty 2 year warranty
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