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Taiwan has some of the world's best manufacturers of computer products. One of these is Acer. Everything began in 1976, then under the name Multitech. For quite some time, they acted as subcontractors to large international computer companies, such as IBM. During the 2000s, they began to make a really strong name for us consumers in Sweden as well. They are mainly known for their monitors and a series of computer products such as Aspire, TravelMate and others. With his long experience and high level of competence in computer hardware, it naturally happened that Acer also eventually started targeting gamers. For example, they took out the Predator brand, which is specifically aimed at all players. When you see a product labelled Acer Predator you know that you get the performance in the absolute top class.

Acer has made itself known to be at the forefront purely technical. They work closely with Intel and Nvidia, among other things, in order to offer the very latest in the market. Like many other Asian companies, they also have a rigorous quality work. By doing extremely accurate tests and investing in continuous improvement, they have developed screens and computers that not only have high performance but also reliable and durable.

At us, you will find products from the popular Acer Predator series for gamers. We offer their gaming screens that belong to the best that can be obtained for serious players. Select a 144hz screen if you want an extremely high refresh rate. The advantage is that you get a difficult fluidity with such a short response time that it is almost non-existent. The result is smooth, smooth action that is perfect when you want the very best gaming experience. The Acer Predator screens also support technologies like G-Sync and Freesync if you have a compatible graphics card. The screen is then synchronized with the graphics card to eliminate various types of problems that might otherwise adversely affect the image quality of games. In addition, all Acer's gaming screens are ergonomically designed, and the display mode is adjustable to be comfortable even for long-term use.
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