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Antlion Audio was founded with the idea of giving your favourite headphones the possibility of voice communication, in other words, the chance to attach a really good, modular microphone to them. The customer and above all the customer's audio experience comes first and they work very close to the big gaming community. The goal is to always develop and constantly find further improvements. Their gaming microphones have taken the world by storm and are sold in everything from Scandinavia to Australia. The story began in 2011 when the inventor Jimmy Console created the company and developed the concept behind his first ModMic. The original products were manufactured by hand in Portland, Oregon, USA. In 2013, PC gamers got the eye for ModMic and the business grew sharply. Since then, they have started many collaborations to be able to manufacture their microphones cheaper and faster.

What is really a ModMic? Basically, it is a gaming mic that has a smart system for mounting that uses a magnet. They are easily attached directly to the cover of the headphones, then they are removed when you want to use the headphones for something else. The microphone also offers directional recording. You can choose to capture most of your own voice with hardly any background noise, or to capture all the sounds in the room. At the time of writing, the product range is up in version 5.0 and has been developed for each new generation to be even better.

In our range you will find Antlion's most popular gaming microphones. With a ModMic, you easily turn your most beloved headphones into a full-featured gaming headset. The slightly more cost-conscious can bet on 4.0, which is available in two variants, with and without mute function. Anyone who is looking for the very latest should focus on ModMic 5 Black which further developed version 4 to be even smoother with even better performance. Everything needed to mount them is included in the product and anyone can easily attach them to their headphones.
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Antlion Modmic Wireless Microphone
Modmic Wireless Microphone
123.90 €
In stock
Antlion ModMic Uni
ModMic Uni
57.59 €
In stock
Antlion ModMic USB
ModMic USB
89.89 €
In stock
Antlion Audio XLR Power Converter
Audio XLR Power Converter
29.89 €
In stock
Antlion Audio USB Sound Card
Audio USB Sound Card
14.89 €
Out of stock