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When it comes to gaming, of course, one of the most important aspects is that you can see properly what is happening in the game. 
For that reason, many people get very powerful graphics cards and powerful processors, but what does all this really matter if you do not have a
proper monitor
for your computer? With a monitor from AOC, you can feel confident that you will get the most out of your gaming.

AOC is a company that started in Chicago, USA, but today operates in Taiwan.
They are especially interested in developing monitors of various kinds, not least for computers. The company has been around since 1934, which means
that they have very long experience in the field, they were, among other things, the first company in the world to start exporting color TV abroad.
AOC's gaming screens are specially designed to work well with gaming. They are also very nice and look good on the desktop.

At we offer AOC G2770PF with 144hz screen which is equipped with Flicker Free Technology which makes the screen flicker as little as possible,
this way you keep your eyes alert even during long gaming sessions. With 144hz in refresh rate, the risk of tearing and blurring is also minimized.
In addition, it has adjustable LED lighting so you can choose according to your own taste.

There is a large variety of AOC monitors, and you can always be sure that they are of high quality. also offers AOC 24 "LED G-Sync g2460Pg which has a response time of as little as 1 ms.
It is very adaptable and can be rotated 90 degrees and can be adjusted in height.
If you want to avoid worrying about the monitor disappointing you when you play you can feel safe with a gaming monitor from AOC.
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