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Started by veterans from the computer and gaming industry with in-depth knowledge of the high demands placed on long and regular gaming sessions, BitFenix has focused on the manufacture of peripheral but vital hardware. The kind of products that may not be the first to think about when it comes to gaming. Extension cables, fans and adapters are some of the products from BitFenix that you can find here with us at MaxGaming.

BitFenix has the futuristic ambition to build computer equipment that blurs the boundaries between man and machine. Some might perceive it as scary, but it's not quite as nasty as it sounds. The ambition is based on their ethos, which is that hardware must adapt to the needs of the users rather than the opposite. We at Maxgaming share BitFenix's conviction. As a player in the heat of battle one should not have to worry about the status of the hardware, but be able to indulge in the experience - that is, in some sense merged with it. In addition, BitFenix is a manufacturer who knows that style counts. Their products are stylish and well-designed, made with the passion that serious players demand. Not least their chassis but also their components for the inside of the computer - which makes up the bulk of their range.

Extension cables from BitFenix are available in 24-pin to 6-pin variants, all designed with an ultra-tight fabric and connectors molded for the highest precision. The fans in the BitFenix Spectre series utilize a unique design on the blades that at one time succeed with the piece of art to look good while keeping your equipment cool with a minimum of disturbing noise. This is thanks to a unique design of the blades that allows a large air flow without generating noise. Adapters from BitFenix are also designed to lift the performance in most contexts while adding a touch of style to the interior of your computer as they are available in most different colors.
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BitFenix Alchemy Connect 30x LED-Strip 60cm - Green
Alchemy Connect 30x LED-Strip 60cm - Green
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