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Looking for a holder for your mobile phone or your controller which is also a bit original? Then you should look into the Cable Guys products from Exquisite Gaming, which we here at MaxGaming have a large selection of. Instead of letting your phone or your controller lie in a corner when you are not using it or when it is charging, you can put them in the hands of Cable Guys. These are small, fun characters that are depicted by famous characters. Why not ask Darth Vader for some help? Or maybe Sonic the Hedgehog can do some good while charging your device.

Let Cable Guys do the job
All the characters are optimized to charge both your smartphone or your controllers to the Playstation or XBox. Thanks to the 2 meter long cable and a micro USB, you can easily take with you the small figure wherever you prefer. Because it is both smart and elaborate and has its own unique character, it makes itself as good as standalone as it becomes an optimal gaming accessory. With a height of about 20 cm it can also be a nice ornament in your home.

More about Exquisite Gaming
It is always worth applauding companies that favor gamers. Exquisite Gaming is a UK gaming brand founded in 2014. Their purpose is to maintain and make the industry more fun. With their mugs Meta Mugs or the clever Big Boxes that are meant to inspire gamers, they take games and entertainment to a whole new level. Add the cool Cable Guys and you have Exquisite Gaming in a nutshell.

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All we have our favorite games and our darling characters. It has both Exquisite Gaming and we at MaxGaming taken on. Therefore, you can choose and pick and find your own mobile holder and charger and at the same time boost your playtime.
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