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D-Line Cable duct Kit 22x22mm 3x Cable duct/accessories 1.0m


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PC PeripheralsCables & adaptersCable management from D-Line

- Easy to install, looks great!
- Self-adhesive, simply peel & stick to skirting
- Clip-Over or Smooth-Fit corners eliminate the need to mitre-cut
- A smart alternative to traditional floor trims
- Shock-absorbing hinge effect
- Fully safety tested and certified to BS EN 50085-1:2005

Half circle 22 x 22mm profile covers expansion gaps between floors and skirting, while providing an easy-to-use cable duct around floor perimeters. The 22 x 22mm (W x H) dimensions scale well to blend with popular skirting boards, while providing capacity for cable bending radii around corners.

Traditional floor trim is usually nailed, and requires perfect measuring of lengths before corners can be mitre-cut at 45º angles. By contrast D-Line half circle can simply peel-and-stick to skirting, while the Clip-Over corner-bends save any need for precise measuring and can cover oblique cuts.

Compared to regular floor trim, D-Line features combine to enable approximately 50% quicker installations – and then it’s easy to add or remove cables!

The Kit consist of:
3x22x22mm Cable duct
1x Internal Bend Join lengths around 90 degree inside corners
1x External Bend Join lengths around 90 degree outside corners
2x Coupler Join 2 lengths of same pro?le on ?at surface
2x Cable outlets
2x End Cap Neatly ?nish open ends

Article number:

Our article number: 15975
Manuf. article number: 2222W-1MKIT




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