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MaxCustom Keyboard Cleaning Gel - 160g


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PC PeripheralsKeyboards & AccessoriesCleaning from MaxCustom

Keyboard cleaner that absorbs all dirt where the slime is applied! Absolutely fantastically practical, especially when it is difficult to access all the dirt between the keys on the keyboard or in the gaps on the phone. The best part is that the slime can be reused over and over again and is made from biodegradable material, so it's really eco-friendly.
A cleaning agent that is super effective for mobile phones, computers, keyboards and everything else neat! You will not be disappointed!

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Our article number: 21406
Manuf. article number: MC-10050


MaxCustom - Designed to fill the growing need to customize their keyboards to their own specific needs and desires. MaxCustom is a brand we at MaxGaming have developed and is primarily aimed at keyboard enthusiasts and people who want to start their journey in the world of custom keyboards. If you are a serious gamer, you know how important it is to have good equipment. Under MaxCustom you will find everything you need to create your very own custom keyboard at an affordable price.

Through MaxCustom we can offer a wide range of high-quality products and accessories to help you build a keyboard that suits your needs and preferences.



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