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Creative is world renowned for its audio products. Many sharks are enough when they hear the Sound Blaster brand that has been on the market ever since the 80s. When the PC usage started to take seriously, most had a Sound Blaster sound card in their PC. Since then, Creative has expanded. In addition to their absolute top-notch sound cards, they produce speakers, headsets and webcams. When you buy products from Creative you know that you can always trust the quality. They work hard to find the perfect balance between form and function. All they offer should not only make their ears happy but also their eyes.

The company was founded in 1981 in Singapore. The aim was to give people the opportunity to enjoy multimedia on their PC and above all to improve the sound experience. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, good sound was far from as obvious as today. With their sound cards, Creative was a guide for the development. Then they guarded their strong position in the market and continued to develop smart solutions and good products in sound. The head office is still in Singapore, but their products are sold worldwide. Creative has become more or less synonymous with cruel sound and is an excellent choice not only for professionals, but for anyone who appreciates being able to enjoy all the audio entertainment in the very best way.

Of course, you will find Creative's popular product family Sound Blaster, which in addition to sound cards also includes speakers and gaming headsets. Before launching a product, Creative always ensures that it meets their own very high standards. If you want to take their sound to a higher level, they are one of the safest choices in the market. Moreover, the good quality makes them relatively durable. The gaming headset is even specially designed to be shock-resistant, but above all, they are packed with modern technology and useful features. More recently, they have also produced good webcams under "Creative Live!". They are smooth to have for streamers and for anyone who likes to video chat.

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Creative Sound Blaster Zx Internal Sound Card
Sound Blaster Zx Internal Sound Card
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