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X-Gamer Pouch Energy - Cola Twist


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Product description

Home & LeisureDrinks & Energy from X-Gamer

X-Gamer pouch is an energy supplement that gives you extra energy, fresh breath & improves your focus. Rich in caffeine with a clear taste of freshness.

With no fuss or bold claims, we just promise that X-Gamer pouches have great energy and an even better flavor. Put it under your lip, try it out and get energized.

A great tasting, a brand new complement to energy drinks.
  • 20 servings per can
  • 50 mg caffeine per pillow
  • 1000mg in one can
  • No tobacco
  • No nicotine
  • High caffeine content
Ingredients: Fillers (E460), water, plant fiber, thickeners (E401), flavorings, stabilizers (E415), caffeine, salt, acidity regulators (E501), sweetener (E950).

Article number:

Our article number: 21260
Manuf. article number: XG-PCH-SINGEL-4.0-CTW


The popular supplement X-Gamer - An advanced and innovative energy & focus drink made in Sweden. A perfect supplement for long gaming sessions and hard workouts. Their vision is to improve the player's experience and performance through improved energy, endurance, focus and reflexes.

Find your favourite taste with us, we have a wide range of several good flavors, see all here! We recommend X-Gamer to our customers and partners. A high-quality product for you who like energy & supplements and want to save money and think about the environment by mixing the drink yourself.


Other information

Age-limit 15 years


50 mg per serving
Servings 20 x 1 pcs
Type Pouch Energy
Colour Blue
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X-Gamer Pouch Energy - Cola Twist (10-Pack)
Pouch Energy - Cola Twist (10-Pack)
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X-Gamer Pouch Energy - Cola Twist (5-Pack)
Pouch Energy - Cola Twist (5-Pack)
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