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X-Gamer X-Shotz BOX (20 pack)

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Home & LeisureDrinks & Energy from X-Gamer

The box contains:

2x Nightshade
2x Sun Beam
2x Fuzz Berry
2x Bluenitro
2x Sakurafuri
2x Dr Beast
2x Hyperbeast
2x Zomberry
2x Post Melon
2x Sour Cherry Twist

Fight towards victory with an energy drink X-Gamer that has delicious taste. Their best formula ever with an advanced, innovative and powerful powder composition. Designed for esports players, semi-professional players and enthusiastic players. X-Gamer contains multi-vitamin complexes that help you protect your body. Nootropic Aminos sharpens the mind, and because it is sugar-free, it contains only 31 calories per 500 ml.

Discover the power of X-Gamer
- Boost energy
- No added sugar
- Sharpen the focus
- Accelerates reaction times
- Multi-vitamins
- Vegan friendly
- 200mg caffeine

- 200mg caffeine

Article number:

Our article number: 18600
Manuf. article number: XG-XTU-4.0-HYPE-1-A


The popular supplement X-Gamer - An advanced and innovative energy & focus drink made in Sweden. A perfect supplement for long gaming sessions and hard workouts. Their vision is to improve the player's experience and performance through improved energy, endurance, focus and reflexes.

Find your favourite taste with us, we have a wide range of several good flavors, see all here! We recommend X-Gamer to our customers and partners. A high-quality product for you who like energy & supplements and want to save money and think about the environment by mixing the drink yourself.


Other information

Age-limit 18 years


Type Bundle, X-Shot
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