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For FadeCase, everything started with a simple idea. Watch something cool in a computer game, get the chance to buy it in reality. The company is a Swedish manufacturer of collectables where gamers and everyone who likes e-sports is the big target group. FadeCase was founded in 2016 and the head office is in Fjärås, Halland. Since its inception, the company has grown and built on its range greatly.

They offer lots of different products, many based on so-called "skins" in influential games like CS: GO. There is a chance to buy everything from replicas of weapons, such as knives and grenades, to stuffed animals and mouse pads. FadeCase has the slogan "Skins get real". The focus is on depicting collectibles exactly as they appear in the games. If you have a special favorite in CS: GO, they offer a unique opportunity to get a real, physical copy. In addition, they are perfect to give as gifts to a real gamer.

The grounds behind FadeCase are themselves passionate gamers who also love e-sports. Therefore, they cooperate with leading e-sports organizations. Among other things, they have produced their own product range known as Team Knives along with the best Counterstrike teams. Fans can support their favorite team by buying their knife. It's about CS: GO knife karambit that has a nice design inspired by the claws of the big cat animals. FadeCase also has many other products and besides capturing all the small details, the quality is also high.

In our case you will find all popular collectible items from FadeCase. Choose from their many knives, such as a butterfly knife or knife carambit from CS: GO. They also have variants of the M9 Bayonet which is a real classic. Their knives come with a serial number engraved which makes your knife unique from any other knife. Owners can also register on the FadeCase official website to access special promotions and offers. The 18-year age limit applies to buying the blades and the blades are made of stainless steel. FadeCase also has a large selection of trendy key rings in many different designs.
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