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Japanese Filco is a real pioneer in mechanical keyboards. Over the years, they have won several awards for both their sustainability and excellent user experience. Just because the focus is just on the keyboard means that their expertise is something out of the ordinary. Officially, they are manufactured by Diatec Corporation in Japan, which was founded in June 1982. In the old days, almost all mechanical keyboards used, but in the coming decades they would instead become more of a niche product for gamers and those who write a lot on the computer and want the very best feeling. From Filco came the series Majestouch to meet all the high demands of gamers. Filco Majestouch has been manufactured since 2004 and they got a real boom in 2008 when e-sportsmen in Warcraft III and Starcraft (not least in South Korea) got their eyes on their incredible quality. Therefore, Filco further developed its gaming keyboard further and now they have become really popular even in Europe.

What sometimes surprises with mechanical keyboards is the price. One should not hesitate to say that they are considerably more expensive than the cheapest options on the market. The components that are included are simply more exclusive and they cost much more to produce. Filco uses Cherry MX switches in its products. Pressing a key really gives a perfect feeling. In addition, their keyboard has something called N-Key Rollover. You can make several simultaneous keystrokes and get them registered without a problem, which is a big advantage for gamers.

In our case you will find a large set of gaming keyboards in the Filco Majestouch series, including the Convertible 2. The keyboard can go from being a wired USB Keyboard to be wireless via Bluetooth. Products from Filco have a solid, powerful look and the high quality makes them very durable, even after years of frequent use. Unlike some competitors, they do not invest so much on a flashy look with lots of backlighting. If you want a high-quality keyboard that gives the absolute best feeling in your fingertips, Filco can be something for you.
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