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The Danish company Floating Grip has made life so much easier for players. They have created a series of smart wall mounts so that you can mount your game console directly on the wall next to the TV screen without having to worry about irritating cables, dust plugs and overheating. Floating Grip also makes wall mounts for game controllers and we at MaxGaming have both parts in our range. Floating Grip's wall brackets are very effective and since the first Floating Grip PS4 made an entrance, more variants have followed in its footsteps. Nowadays, there is a large proportion of wall mounts, including Floating Grip Xbox One s, Apple TV mount and Nintendo Switch. This is because all players can have more space at home, regardless of game console and controls.

Floating Grip - a mix of fun, function and design
All Floating Grip's products come in the same spirit and always have a dose of fun, styling and functionality. The company's employees love smart solutions and constantly want to remind their customers that they are developing. This has led to the start-up of operations in other countries and succeeded in turning to an increasing share in the gaming market. The chic design, the smart storage and the practical details of the products have contributed greatly to the company's success story. Floating Grip's wall brackets are suitable for all types of game consoles and also become a nice detail on the wall. They are designed in such a way that they adapt both the front and the back of your game console and with these, your interior gets a boost while avoiding loose cables and dusty gaming consoles.

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Why not piff up your wall of Floating Grips custom wall brackets so that your playing does not get a thorn of loose accessories that are thrown everywhere. With Floating Grip, you also protect your equipment, whether you own an Xbox, Apple TV or a Playstation 4 m.m. The wall brackets are sold both in narrow format and in classic and prevents the game console from overheating. We at MaxGaming are happy to tell you how it works, so feel free to contact us for further advice.
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