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The Polish gaming company Fury Gaming arrived in the gaming industry to provide ultimate accessories and tools for players who love to get their energy out of the war zones. When you are a virtual warrior you need speed, precision and a little anger at the bargain. That's why Fury chose their name and that's also why they invested heavily in creating gaming mice, keyboards, headphones, controllers and mousepads - all with features to make your gaming experience as realistic and dedicated as possible.

The products reflect on their properties
In fact, it is enough to look at the product name to get a better understanding of what they offer. The accessories are named to directly meet a certain type of warrior on the virtual game board. Sometimes they have also been named after a certain legendary weapon that is extra famous. In the assortment you can find, for example, Nighthawk headset, Spitfire keyboard or Warrior mouse. We at MaxGaming have wanted to provide us with as wide a range as possible so that all gamers can be included. Fury's purpose is that you as a gamer should win big when you play - and of course we keep that in mind.

Examples of Fury's range
Furys optical mice are characterized as being some of the world's fastest, with sensor technology that can read the least possible movement. Thanks to a number of dpi settings (often 4) and a durability of up to 10 million clicks, your gaming sessions become comfortable and beds for victory.

The keyboards are mechanical, with anti-ghost function and adjustable LED buttons and they are always ergonomically designed - something that is a very valuable feature when you are a frequent gamer.

The well-designed and practical, wire-borne headsets that have taken gamers by storm guarantee excellent communication and shut out all the noise. They also make it easier for the gamer to snatch up the opponent's next move. Whether you're playing FPS or MMO, Fury's leather-clad headphones are easy to adjust, have a built-in microphone, and stand out from the crowd, thanks to a delicious LED light and a unique, blue-black color range.

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Fury Challenger Large Mousepad
Challenger Large Mousepad
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Fury Battler RGB Gaming Mouse
Battler RGB Gaming Mouse
16.89 €
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Fury Brawler Gaming Mouse
Brawler Gaming Mouse
9.90 €
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Fury Challenger Medium Mousepad
Challenger Medium Mousepad
6.90 €
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