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Gunnar Optiks Infinite Eyewear Designed by Publish - Onyx


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PC PeripheralsGaming Eyewear from Gunnar Optiks

Eyes are supposed to blink on average, about 20x per minute. When you focus on your screen, your eyes blink only about 8x per minute. The less you blink and the longer your eyes are focused on a fixed distance, your eyes dry out and get tired. Dry eyes is bad.

We want you to be able to see as much as you can because that extra split second makes all the difference, boom, headshot. The curved lens expands your peripheral vision allowing your eyes to take in more information with less work.

Color contrast in video games is what creates an aesthetically stimulating game experience. Improve the way you view color contrast with a sharper and more detailed experience, it’s like playing in real HD. What gamer wouldn’t want that?

Eyes feel less tired when they’re not strained. In fact, when your eyes are supported by magnified and tinted lenses, you can spend 5x more time in front of your screen (on average).

E-Sport frames are designed with flat temples to be worn comfortably with a variety of gaming headsets. This means you don’t have to sacrifice hearing your teammates or miss a moment of the game whether your playing at home or in the next tournament.

Stats to Highlight
GUNNAR Eyewear is a proven solution for Digital Eye Fatigue. Patients were interviewed before and after using GUNNAR Performance Eyewear and provided the following results:

- 100% reported improved ease of viewing
- 96% reported reduction in eye strain
- 90% would recommend the use of GUNNAR Digital Performance Eyewear
- 80% reported their eyes were less tired when wearing GUNNARS
- 79% said that wearing GUNNAR eyewear increased their productivity

Article number:

Our article number: 12357
Manuf. article number: INF-00101


Improved focus with glasses from Gunnar Optiks - The year is 2003 and Matt Michelsen is plagued by headaches after long days spent in front of a computer screen. 
After being diagnosed with digital eye strain, he predicted that it would be a future problem and together with an optical engineer, they developed Gunnar Optiks.

Gunnar Optiks has a patented lens technology that counteracts both long-term and short-term side effects of digital eye tension.
With Gunnar Optik's glasses, you avoid headaches, blurred vision and dry eyes while you will be able to concentrate longer, perform better and keep better focus.



Bluelight reducing 65%


Colour Black

Size & weight

Temple Length 145 mm
Lens width 52 mm
Frame width 150 mm
Bridge Width 22 mm
Weight 25 g
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