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The German company Hama has a long career behind it. It all began in 1923 when the German photographer Martin Hanke began to manufacture attributes and accessories for cameras and since then it has only been developed. Today, it is a multi-company that has also begun manufacturing technology accessories, which of course has been recognized by the game world veterans. What you mainly specialize in are cables, chargers and other essential accessories that make your PlayStation work at its peak, but you can also offer fine products such as headsets, card readers, hand controls, microphones and speakers etc. When the company is German, you cannot rely on the organization and security is the focus and you buy a cable or a product in general from Hama, so you can be sure that it has undergone meticulous testing by a large number of employees. Perfection is the company's motto, which is not entirely unexpected.

A combination of low price, innovative design and quality in the fingertips
Whether it's a mouse, a pair of headphones, hand controls or a handy microphone, Hama always looks to do the best. At the same time, they have chosen to keep prices down quite considerably, which means that you as a gamer can expect affordable products in a wide range. The hand controls have improved grip and joysticks that respond to the slightest movement and the colorful design of most of Hamas products also makes it fun to use them.

Hama at MaxGaming
Of course, at MaxGaming, we have a number of accessories from Hama that range from cables and gaming buttons to controllers, joysticks and headsets - all at reasonable prices. Hama really hasn't forgotten much about gamers' gear, so if you miss something or need to replace something in your existing gaming equipment, you can surely find it among Hamas products. They are compatible with either PlayStation, XBox, Nintendo Switch and/or Gaming-PC and others.

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8in1 Thumb Grip for PS4 Controls
8in1 Thumb Grip for PS4 Controls
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