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Hori HOTAS Flight Control System PC - Joystick


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PC PeripheralsGamepad from Hori

Check out HORI HOTAS Flight Control System & Mount for PC, a collaboration between HORI and Gaijin Entertainment, the creators behind War Thunder. Get ready for an unparalleled flight simulation experience that will take your breath away. Dive into the incredible features of this masterpiece. The desk mount made of special steel allows you to place the controls in an authentic way, just like in a real fighter plane. Soar through the virtual sky with confidence knowing that every move you make is as authentic as it gets. With over 200 configurable controls, you have complete control over your aircraft, allowing you to tailor your playstyle to perfection.

The joystick in the HORI HOTAS Flight Control System is incredible. Equipped with two-stage triggers, you can easily control advanced weapon systems and bring your enemies to their knees. What sets this joystick apart are the highly durable Hall Effect sensors, which provide precise precision to ensure that every movement is performed flawlessly. But that's not all - the dual throttle with adjustable resistance takes your flight simulation experience to new heights. Whether you prefer the engines of your twin-engine planes to be locked together or separated, this control system allows you to do it all. Take control of every aspect of your aircraft with the fully equipped control panel, adorned with metal rocker switches for an authentic touch.

To top it all off, limited edition War Thunder downloadable content is included with your purchase. Get your hands on three exclusive fighter jets and more, giving you an edge over your opponents right from the start.

Take on your opponents in the best way possible with this high-end Flight Stick and Throttle for PC flight simulation game. The Hori HOTAS Flight Control System is great for anyone who wants to get as close to flying a real airplane as possible. So start the engines and fly away!

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Popular console accessories from Hori - Founded as early as 1983, Hori was one of the first third-party accessory manufacturers in the world and has since been one of the leading accessory manufacturers in Japan.

During their time, they have been pioneers in developing new concepts and at the same time made gaming more accessible and more fun for everyone. Hori is one of the largest peripheral equipment manufacturers for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft in Japan and has during its many years in the industry created a wide range. Despite their wide range, the products from Hori are still made with hindsight and high quality.



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Warranty 2 year warranty
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