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THE C64 by Retro Games and Koch Media
The development is constantly advancing in gaming and this is clearly visible on how the products are getting better. At the same time, there are actors who instead look backwards and want to focus on the old goodies who give a lovely feeling of nostalgia - especially for those who grew up during the 80s. Retro Games and Koch Media are one of these companies that we at MaxGaming thank and tick for. If you never heard of the C64 then it might ring a clock when you hear Commodore 64. It was the most popular computer in the 80's. This brand they have now put their hands on and made a mini version of.

Koch Media's business idea
As you have probably already understood, this company's purpose is to make a look back and not forget about the good old time. However, not without some modern updates. THE C64 mini version was launched during Easter 2018. It can be connected to a modern TV or with a standard keyboard thanks to HDMI ports and is about half the size of the original. And now, the joy message for gamers who have been watching this little gem is waiting: namely, playing all 64 classic pre-installed games - such as California Games, Speedball 2, Impossible Mission, Confuzion and many more. Everything from sports and war games to puzzle games can make the most enthusiastic gambling enthusiast with retro feelings satisfied as the fish in the water. Koch Media and Retro Games have also developed C64DTV directly to the Nintendo Wii C64 games.

C64 - to you with the game nostalgia
It is not just games that await the retro-gamer. Kock Media and Retro Games are in full swing with developing game accessories for this mini version. These can be seen as joysticks, but in the near future other accessories will pop up. As we at MaxGaming both want to bring in newcomers and "old foxes" in new bottling, it is obvious for us to offer our customers THE C64. This can be an advantage for players who want to find their way back to a bygone era and enjoy playing classics in a comfortable way.
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