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KontrolFreek FPS Freek Inferno - (Xbox Series/Xbox One)


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ConsoleXboxXbox Series AccessoriesThumbstick & Grips from KontrolFreek

The vibrant red Inferno adds 10.1mm of height to your OEM sticks, giving you more room to fine-tune aim, increasing overall accuracy and control. It is intended for first-person shooters but can be used for third-person shooters, action/adventure and more.

Inferno features a vibrant red-on-black color scheme and the distinct spiral pattern that our best-selling FPS Freek® Vortex™ made famous. The comfortable spiral pattern adapts to the pressure you put on it, so the harder you play, the harder Inferno works to keep your thumbs from slipping.

Inferno’s 10.1mm of added height increases the analog stick radial distance by 47%, which provides a range of motion increase of 135.5%. This gives you the ability to make smaller, more precise in-game movements, affording you the luxury of turning up controller sensitivities to maximum levels so you can turn on your opponents faster and gain the upper-hand.

- Increased accuracy at medium-to-long range
- Concaved spiral pattern for “on-demand” grip
- Proven to increase player Kill/Death Ratio
- Reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue

- Call of Duty
- Overwatch
- World of Tanks
- Rainbow Six
- Siege Halo

Article number:

Our article number: 10073
Manuf. article number: 2040-XBX


Take control with KontrolFreek - If you want to both improve and enhance your gaming experience, KontrolFreek is definitely something to look at. By combining the latest in ergonomics with advanced materials, KontrolFreek develops high-quality products that enhance the gaming experience by maximizing comfort and precision.

By providing the most advanced thumb grips for analog sticks and the goal of creating products that enhance both you and your gaming experience. Kontrolfreek is also behind FreekNation, which is a performance-oriented community of over four million players where they can both find and share tips, tricks and motivation.



Compatibility Xbox One, Xbox Series


Colour Red
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