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KontrolFreek FPS Freek Snipr - (Xbox Series/Xbox One)

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ConsoleXboxXbox Series AccessoriesThumbstick & Grips from KontrolFreek

FPS Freek SNIPR is the marksman of Performance Thumbsticks. SNIPR adds 13.7mm of height to your analog sticks, giving you maximum ability to fine-tune aim. These domed, high-rise Performance Thumbsticks were designed for long range armaments, like sniper rifles, to help you lock onto targets faster and more precisely.

Designed specifically for long range weapon users, FPS Freek SNIPR’s convex (domed) thumb surface features deep, laser etched crosshairs for optimum grip and precision.

- Two convex (domed) thumbsticks designed for long range play

– Adds 13.7 mm of height to support smaller, more precise in-game movements

– Requires less force which reduces wrist, hand and thumb fatigue

– Proprietary rubber compound enhances grip and reduces slip

Article number:

Our article number: 18463
Manuf. article number: 2077-XB1


Take control with KontrolFreek - If you want to both improve and enhance your gaming experience, KontrolFreek is definitely something to look at. By combining the latest in ergonomics with advanced materials, KontrolFreek develops high-quality products that enhance the gaming experience by maximizing comfort and precision.

By providing the most advanced thumb grips for analog sticks and the goal of creating products that enhance both you and your gaming experience. Kontrolfreek is also behind FreekNation, which is a performance-oriented community of over four million players where they can both find and share tips, tricks and motivation.



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