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The top-class Leopold Gaming has its base in South Korea and manufactures qualitative gaming keyboards and, above all, mechanically made gaming keyboards with mechanical switches. Since the company was ahead of its time, mechanical keyboards have been lying and cheated in their range even before the big boom for these types of products broke through the market. This has contributed to Leopold Gaming being one of the largest manufacturers on the market that it is still difficult to compete with today.

Leopold's keyboard has an elegant and simple outfit with very user-friendly features and details that make your keypad go like on rails. The key buttons with the comfortably rounded corners create a comfortable feel and also have a long durability that lets you avoid dirty and damaged keys. At the same time, the Leopold Gaming keyboard is not cumbersome, but you can easily take them wherever you want. The keyboards are suitable for all kinds of applications. They are equally suitable for LAN meetings as they work at home or gaming. Because they are easy to carry, they can easily and easily be taken on the journey without taking up too much space. They are also easy to set up anywhere thanks to the large retractable feet.

At us at Maxgaming.com you can find a solid range of the latest mechanical keyboards from Leopold. No matter what your purpose of the keyboard is and how you play, Leopold Gaming can guarantee you what you are looking for. All keyboards have a space-saving design that also gives your mouse extra space as well as Nordic key layout and extra dip switches. Our keyboards also come in different colors as black or white and can therefore be purchased to simultaneously blend in with the rest of your computer equipment. If you have not previously learned about Leopold Gaming mechanical keyboards, then maybe it is time to do it now!
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