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Immediately when you hear the name LucidSound you immediately understand that it is about sound and audio and that is exactly what it does! LucidSound has invested heavily in developing and selling equipment for gamers so that their sound experience should be as effective and undisturbed as their gaming experience. Thus, one has started to make some by far really good gaming headsets so that communication between players will be perfect. LucidSound's headphones are both nicely designed and equipped with components for a flawless gaming session so you can fully focus on your game. Of course, the headphones can also be used to listen to music or film during regular computer usage or streaming.

LucidSound - a mix of important functions
It is important to have a piece of perfect equipment for gaming audio when exercising eSports, on events as well as in the home's calm corner. LucidSound has been established to bring about changes in the gaming industry and through the broad knowledge and experience in e-sports that the founders possess, they have succeeded in developing great within gaming audio. Their headphones have been developed with the knowledge that players are often in messy rooms with very ambient sounds and with a splash of crisp styling and useful features, so one can easily bring the headphones on the journey or have them plugged into the computer all the time if desired . Some features to hold onto LucidSound's headsets are the integrated microphone, the comfortable comfort and the correct clamping force, the simple adjustment for sound and volume, access to clear chat and compatibility with both XBox, Playstation, PC and Nintendo Switch. Many of the headphones are wireless while some also have an included cable.

MaxGaming's range of LucidSound
At MaxGaming allows you to purchase both wireless headphones and included cable. We sell several products for a perfect chat during your gaming session and all the kids are very flexible to use. LucidSound has developed products for the next generation of gamers so if you want to expand your expectations, the LucidSound range is a must!
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