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The Canadian company, Matias, started its business already in 1989 outside of Toronto, when founder Edgar Matias and his friend Steve McGowan began to explore keyboards and create their new copies. Ever since the start, one has wanted to give a personal approach and one is always keen on their customers and to communicate with them by phone or by mail. The personal contact is thus important for Matias' employees.

Matias' many keyboards
Matias are best known for having developed keyboards; wireless or with connection, as well as having the older design of the keyboard and modernized it. The company is also famous for its relatively quiet keyboards, which with mechanical switches, usually tend to be much more loud. At the same time, one would like to maintain the connected version and at the same time manufacture wireless versions of keyboards for gaming. Matias keyboards made of aluminum have largely a tough LED backlight and also come in many formats. However, one is investing in a wide range that will suit everyone's liking and taste and offers both collapsible keyboards, traditionally sculpted with cable and with more flat-shaped keys. Part of Matias' keyboard feels and looks, in many respects as versions of Apple's keyboards - both for design, material and keys and you have also created them in several colors.

MaxGaming's products from Matias
At Maxgaming we have some highly sought after keyboards by Matias, both ergonomic and mechanical, compact versions. This makes them suitable for taking along the journey or LAN events. Matias is investing in two types of keyboards, both the flatter and the raised and compact. At Maxgaming, we have primarily chosen to incorporate the traditionally structured keyboards that lack LED lighting but which are easier to work with, as the fingers do not shine away as easily to the nearby key. The products come with several USB ports and another advantage with them is that they have an anti-ghosting system that allows you to key in as fast as possible - everyone with a Nordic layout!
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