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8Bitdo GBros (Wireless Switch Adapter for Gamecube Controller)


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Product description

ConsoleNintendoAccessoriesMiscellaneous from 8Bitdo

- Wireless adapter for classic Gamecube controllers
- Built-in HOME and screenshot button
- Compatible with Nintendo Switch and X-Input with Windows

Your best companion together with your controller!
8bitdo Gbros is a wireless adapter for Nintendo Switch. Connect your wired classic Gamecube control to Switch like a Wiimote, JoyCon or Nintendo Switch Pro Controller. Gbros has a built-in HOME button and screenshot buttons. Perfect for playing Super Smash Bros Ultimate with and snapping great screenshots that you can then share with your loved ones!

Supports Switch and X-Input with Windows
In addition to Nintendo Switch, Gbros also has the ability to connect to X-input to be able to use Windows.

Press and hold L + R + A + B + START to change button mapping options with Gamecube and Switch Pro Controller.

Technical specifications:
System Compatibility:

- Switch, Windows

Connection Port:
- Wii Classic Controller Port, Original Gamecube Controller Port

Connectivity / Battery:
- USB, Bluetooth
- AA battery

Controller compatibility:
- Gamecube Controller, NES Classic Controller
- SNES Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller

- 6 - 10 meters

Dimensions / Weight:
- 100 * 35 * 29 mm
- 38g

Special Features:
- Switch: HOME button and Screenshot buttons available
- Windows: Turbo feature available
- Lag free

- Gbros adapter
- Cable band
- USB cable
- Instruction manual

The product requires batteries that must be purchased separately.

Article number:

Our article number: 13465
Manuf. article number: RET00150


Nostalgic retro products in a modern edition - 8Bitdo is one of the companies that manufactures controllers for gaming with an eye-catching retro feel. The inspiration is taken from the early design from NES and SNES, among others.

All products from 8Bitdo give you the perfect combination of nostalgic retro feel with new reliable technology. Some of the 8Bitdo products are compatible with PC, Mac and Nintendo Switch.



Colour Purple


Warranty 1 year warranty
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