Genesis TIN 200 Adapter Mouse & Keyboard to PS4/XBOX ONE/Switch -


Genesis TIN 200 Adapter Mouse & Keyboard to PS4/XBOX ONE/Switch


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Worlds of console and PC gaming intertwine with each other, more and more. Growing number of titles and even console software itself allows playing them with additional equipment (earlier reserved only for PC gamers). Plugging in mouse and keyboard instead of using default controller might further enhance the gameplay experience – especially when it comes to FPS games. To answer those constantly increasing gaming needs, Genesis has created TIN 200 adapter.

Genesis TIN 200 is a compact adapter that allows playing console games, while using keyboard and mouse, instead of classic controller. Device is compatible with a number of consoles: PS4, PS3, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. Handling is very easy and requires only plugging in the devices, in proper order (refer to manual), without the need of additional software installation or configuration.

Genesis’s adapter distinctive feature is its very fast response time, which directly translates into comfort and quality of gameplay. PC mouse is by far the most precise input device, available for games. On the other hand, undeniable feature of a keyboard is intuitive access to the most of keys used, during gameplay. Combine those two devices with lightning-fast response time adapter and even console gamers – especially those who do not have enough time to master precise analog stick movement with their thumbs – can finally play titles, which catch their attention without any frustration. Genesis’s adapter allows the use of keyboard and mouse in almost any game there is, and is compatible with the most devices available on the market*

Games and gaming accessories market constantly evolves. Genesis TIN 200 was developed with this rapid progress in mind. Adapter allows upcoming firmware updates through USB interface (PC required). Currently key-mapping is set to default. In the future with firmware updates there will be a possibility to customize key-mapping according to user’s preferences.

*Despite our best efforts, it is not possible to guarantee compatibility with EVERY device available on the market. In case of any issues / difficulties during usage and/or operation of devices.

Article number:

Our article number: 13577
Manuf. article number: NAG-1390


Genesis, a complete range for gaming - Genesis is a manufacturer of gaming accessories that was started in 2011 and since its inception they have been 
manufacturing gaming equipment for gamers of all levels. Their goal is to have a wide range that helps players at different levels to achieve new goals.
With their wide range, they can help gamers with all aspects of their game.

Genesis believes that their power comes from the contact between their products and their users, then in the end it is the user who will dictate the value of the product.
Every single gamer is slowly but surely building a community and in Genesis' case it's #genesisgaming.



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