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The Strike PACK FPS Dominator Controller Adapter gives you advanced game functions for your Xbox controller. Attach it to the controller, plug in the cord, and get ready to experience lightning-fast response times and unlimited control. Built-in mods use a revolutionary control system that allows full control directly from the controller itself. No apps, no PC software, just unmatched game control. Hundreds of mod combinations are possible.

- Optimized Rapid Fire
- Fully adjustable Rapid Fire
- Adjustable Burst Fire
- Pulse Fire
- Optimized Jitter Fire for Brecci & Shieva weapons
- Adjustable Anti-recoil
- Adjustable Quick Scope
- Autostart
- Drop Shot
- Reload & Slide
- Easy Double Jump
- Adjustable Button Turbo 2.0
- Auto Hold Breath
- BattlefieldTM Auto spot
- Rumble Control
- Hair Triggers
- Motion Control Reload

All built in and ready when you need them!
A cable connection of 3m is a must for tournament players, as the controller is no longer dependent on Bluetooth, something that can interfere and cause the tournament unwanted lag. Dominator has a mod-free mode, with only the Paddle Mapping feature available for all your tournaments. Get to the elite level quickly with ergonomically magnetic paddles! Accurate haptic feedback delivers expected results every time, you retain control and gain valuable reaction time. You simply become a better and sharper gamer.

On-the-fly hardware based paddle mapping is the key to the next generation tech paddle. You never have to interrupt your game to access anything. You can easily assign any button to your paddles and even the analog sticks, and more, whenever you want! Advanced mods like drop shot with rapid fire can also land under your Paddle Mapping feature.

Activate a mod, or combine mods directly from the controller without the need for any software! The innovative interface uses button combinations to activate what you want and need, in no time!

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